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标题: 【Goal】 弗格森希望斯科尔斯推迟退役的决定 Sir Alex Ferguson.., [打印本页]

作者: wfcjj    时间: 2009-9-17 22:21     标题: 【Goal】 弗格森希望斯科尔斯推迟退役的决定 Sir Alex Ferguson..,

Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson Tells Paul Scholes To Postpone Retirement
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Fergie wants the midfielder back next season...* G' o' Y& M* G, U" y
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hinted that a new contract offer awaits Paul Scholes at season's end when his current deal expires.
8 J- A& E6 ~, Q专业曼联球迷网站,曼联球迷的地盘,为广大球迷提供最新曼联新闻与视频资源.'The Ginger Prince', who turns 35 in November, has relegated Michael Carrick to the bench due to his good form, and Ferguson figures he has at least one more season's worth of midfield mastery left in his tank.曼联在线·球迷地带* ]0 p* ?8 ~* Z' P, K, l
“I don’t think this is Paul’s last season, not the way that he plays. He is not the type to burst in to the penalty box any more, is he?” Ferguson said, referring to the deeper role that Scholes now occupies for United.
- w# W4 a  m4 q&“It’s difficult to say [how long he can go on] because it’s still only September, but I am seeing the fresh Scholesy and the best time to use him is when he is fresh."
: ]8 G" v3 z! ?3 ^2 J" s6 o专业曼联球迷网站,曼联球迷的地盘,为广大球迷提供最新曼联新闻与视频资源.Scholes put in an energetic performance against Tottenham Hotspur last Saturday only to see his afternoon cut short after receiving two yellow cards for clumsy tackles — a well-documented Achilles heal to his game. He made up for it, however, by nabbing the only goal in United's Champions League opener against Besiktas on Tuesday.
6 r7 w7 n6 g; s4 i“He will not be playing the whole season, but if I get 25 games out of him at the level we saw [in the 3-1 victory over Tottenham] on Saturday, I will be delighted at that," continued Ferguson. 曼联,曼联BT,曼联在线视频,曼联图片,曼联新闻,曼联论坛: j: O' f5 j$ P0 h
"I have read that stuff about him [playing for] Oldham in his last year — no chance. He isn’t going to drop through the leagues, I am sure of it.”
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; ~* o/ u. h0 D( E7 owww.imanutd.com下个赛季,弗格森希望斯科尔斯依然留在阵中……
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5 ~0 G3 Y1 Q6 H, S" m, u5 P曼联主帅弗格森爵士暗示本赛季结束的时候,斯科尔斯将会获得一份新的合同。
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% o- w; L) o, x& o曼联,曼联BT,曼联在线视频,曼联图片,曼联新闻,曼联论坛在11月,“生姜王子”将会年满35岁了,他最近的火热状态将卡里克挤到了替补席上,而弗格森表示,这位老将至少还能再踢一年。专业曼联球迷网站,曼联球迷的地盘,为广大球迷提供最新曼联新闻与视频资源." ^* d0 S# v# U! R; v6 ~$ c. F
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) {# E+ [/ Y$ P$ _! l0 d - 专业·专注·曼联中文网站“很难说他还能继续踢多久,现在才刚9月份,不过目前的斯科尔斯状态很好,很适合比赛。”
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斯科尔斯在对阵热刺的比赛中就十分活跃,但是却吃到两张黄牌,这成为了他那场比赛的污点。但是在周中的欧冠他用全场唯一的进球击败了贝西克塔斯,做出了补偿。 - 专业·专注·曼联中文网站: \1 _2 E3 |* b1 H; |8 W3 a
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